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03 Oct 2016

Guess Who Else Thinks We Need More Green?

South Shore is a beautiful place, but I believe all places could benefit from having a little more landscaping. Looks like Tiger Woods agrees, too! How are you feeling about the possible change?

Taken from: Tiger Woods could be teaming up with Mike Keiser on Chicago golf course project | GolfDigest Sept. 15

According to a report by the Chicago Tribune, [Tiger] Woods could be involved in a Chicago golf course project involving Bandon Dunes owner Mike Keiser. NBC/Golf Channel’s Mark Rolfing told the Tribune the Woods hiring is “not a done deal,” but Keiser believes the 14-time major champ “is on board” and that he may waive his design fee since the course will benefit the First Tee of Greater Chicago.

The project, which would create a championship golf course out of two existing public tracks, Jackson Park and South Shore courses, is not a done deal yet, either. Although the involvement of Keiser and Woods would help in the development that would have some holes along the lakefront and be just steps away from the Obama Library. Having the support of the golf-loving President wouldn’t hurt, either.

In an email to the Tribune, Woods’ spokesman, Glenn Greenspan, said, “At this time, we have no new design projects to announce.”

Rolfing said Woods took a tour of the property last month and two-time Masters champ and renowned course designer Ben Crenshaw has also checked out the site. Rolfing hopes the project will include a short course for kids and quick rounds, and Keiser envisions it being a walking-only facility like Bandon Dunes.

03 Oct 2016

Benefits and Value of Plants

Have you ever stop in the midst of a casual walk, a stroll in your neighborhood or a park, gazed about noticing and paying attention to the trees, grass areas and, various plant materials around you? What thoughts might have wandered through your mind what feelings inside may have overcome you or stirred emotions within you? Or, are the trees, shrubbery and grass areas taken for granted, no attention paid?

Have you ever thought, pondered what value, and the importance of plant materials to you, your very life and existence? How about, the economic contribution plant materials provide to mankind in general? Have you ever thought about, seriously considered the array of benefits plants provide you?  

Plants provide oxygen, essential for you and I to breathe, food to eat, source of all medicinal needs as well as materials for shelter. These being just the basics! Oh! So much more plants contribute to our everyday life and living, yet often so many times taken for granted!
(Google “Benefits of Plants” to learn more!)

22 Oct 2015

We Won The ‘Best Landscaper Company’ Award

Yesterday we were awarded with the ‘Best Landscaper Of The Country’ award. These award of excellence were awarded for projects we designed and installed. This awards reflect our commitment to creative design, ongoing excellence in engineering, and our ability to produce beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces of which people are proud.


16 Oct 2015

10 Ideas for Landscaping Property Lines

What is it that you’re hoping to accomplish in landscaping your property line? Once you answer that over-arching question, many of the details will fall into place (with a little aid from the ideas I present here). As you’ll see from reading the information below, deciding on how to landscape a boundary largely comes down to sifting through your various options.


15 Oct 2015

What You Can Grow In Shady Spaces

All shade is not equal. Some shady conditions will yield much more produce than others will, while some areas are better left for hostas and moss. Gardeners should be familiar with the different types of shade, but should also keep in mind that measuring how much shade your garden gets isn’t always easy.


22 Sep 2015

Article: How to Get Rid of Crabgrass for Good

The best weapon you have against this annual weed is crabgrass preemergence herbicide (also called crabgrass preventer). You apply this product in the spring before the crabgrass seed sprouts. This granular herbicide works by creating a chemical barrier at the surface of the soil. As the seeds begin germination, they take in the herbicide and die.