Landscapes and the Holidays!

The holidays are bringing closure to this year and entry to a new one Ah! You may be thinking. ‘What’s your point?’

The point is, we often don’t realize the value of planning a landscape project. It’s important to identify where we can add value to our properties. The return on investment for a landscape project is important as well.

For example, trees and shrubbery, may aid in heating and cooling cost around your property, add privacy and screening as well as security around your property.

“I’ll get it done next year!” Maybe what you’re thinking when it comes to landscape projects.

If this resonates with you or someone you may know, think again! As you consider the New Year, why not look around your home and your outdoor space. Think of the possibilities!

Even take a few photos. Start compiling notes on what you envision. Consider how you may like to use your outdoor space. Are there particular features, colors present you rarely noticed? Walk around the inside looking out; are there windows that form a “picture frame” around some part of your outdoor space? Think what it would be like to add more living space!

Your landscape designer and horticulturist can be very helpful in assisting you with developing the design and landscape that works for you and your property. During this holiday season consider a conversation with us at South Side Roots, Inc., and begin planning your 2017 landscape now!