Chicago, Il
Mon-Sat: 07:00 - 17:00


What is “Hortigraphics”? It’s our unique approach to garden literacy. Garden visitors need an engaging way to learn about plants. We began our explanation of “hortigraphics” by making cards that listed characteristics of plants, their needs, and common uses. Then, we took slide photo shoots of our plants and projected them onto a blank wall.

We used these projected photos with students and community members to create a new, proposed landscape plan. We referred to our sketches as “graphics” …then, we had a great brainstorm. Why not connect the first part of horticulture, “horti” to “graphics”? Our special term links the field of horticulture and computer science, it describes our unique approach to using technology to get stakeholders involved in landscape architecture and gardening.

In this space, South Side Roots, Inc., will debut and share its work and projects, and we’ll share our unique approach to community-engaged design through hortigraphics.