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“LANDSCAPE CRITICAL” is an engagement in conversation, consideration and thought. We will begin with a general global population overview and then lead into its implications.

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The United Nations’ global population assessment projects that the majority of the global population will reside and be concentrated in urban areas. It is estimated that by 2050, the population in more developed regions will reach 1.1 billion and 5.2 billion in less developed regions.

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The implication of more people clustered in a reduced amount of space brinks to bare a holistic perspective, a significant vantage or focal point – spatial design! What is this idea called “spatial design”? We’ll get to its definition in a moment! Another term and concept is “sustainability”. While there are multiple facets, for this specific discussion our focus and most specific is “social justice” within the term sustainability.


LANDSCAPE CRITICAL stirs the conversation as it relates to urban inner cities, specific to America and citizenry involvement. We need urban disruption – a call for a serious challenge to thinking, thoughts, mindset, talk and language. Actions of strategic significance, actions for making a difference! The difference that we want to make is around you, in your own front yard, your backyard, in your neighborhood and throughout your entire community! Disruption, action, passion; challenge one another to be their best self, to be and become a “change influencer”, beginning with self – at home, then on your block, your neighborhood, your community and your schools!

In this first piece, the conversation begins with a series of questions, along with an introduction of numerous links. You are encouraged to view, listen to and ponder what is provided. We encourage each of you to provide us with your thoughts and feedback. We want to connect with you on a personal level, and with that we will be able to build a community of trust and honest conversation around the nature of the urban environment and economic opportunities.

Imagine your neighborhood becoming a major international tourism mecca in the City of Chicago… Imagine the south side of Chicago and its numerous underserved neighborhoods and communities becoming destination  points… A place in space with a strong vibrant economic base and foundation… Many of its residents walking to work as opposed to driving… 


Check out these informative links:

When you visit the above link, look through the images of sustainable landscape examples.—stephanie-pincetl-response-85.php

When you visit the above site, watch each of the four videos. Follow the conversation, considering the discussion as applicable to your urban inner city community and neighborhoods. In addition, search online for the following articles and follow this subject matter through other information that you may come across in your search.

  1. “A Bronzeville entrepreneur offers a plan for revitalization”
  2. “Chicago’s bronzeville keeps fighting for revitalization”
  3. “Commercial”

Conversation to be continued…


Landscape Critical: Your Thoughts

Join in on the conversation by letting us know your thoughts on landscape design and its social implications.