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Dobbins@2xRichard L Dobbins, Jr., principal and founder of “South Side Roots, Inc.”, a landscape/horticulture service firm, and the first to state, that numerous people, family and friends, peers, clients, and a host of others has played a role in the formation of this company and its focus. Just as important, has been challenging, life changing situations and experiences to overcome along the way.

In his own words, he will say every failure, every adversity produce, mold and shape character and life learnt lessons. Such elements can propel one far and beyond. The critical component is the attitude one chose and how apt he(she) is to take stock of self. That hard look in the mirror, asking hard questions of self and answering very honestly! Then getting up, and back into the battle! Mr. Dobbins, is known for the saying “not If, it’s the Mission!” Defining the mission with clarity, accepting the mission, at times against all odd, is the bottom line!

Some refer to Mr. Dobbins as the “Urban Landscape/Horticulture Specialist, Landscape Contractor” and a passionate entrepreneur. He has served as one of several landscape garden judges for the former City of Chicago mayor, Richard J. Daley’s city-wide Community Gardening and Landscape Award program. He has also served as an instructor and faculty member with Openlands Community Garden Training program, at Greencorps Chicago, as a landscape construction supervisor and instructor, at the Chicago Botanic Garden, Mr. Dobbins was the community and school garden construction supervisor, and as a horticulturist responsible for 3 of 23 gardens at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Mr. Dobbins is a US Naval Veteran of the Viet Nam Era, having served our nation as a member of a team of advisors to foreign nations and their navy’s. His education spans business administration, economics, and agriculture and horticulture science,(Portland state University, Warner Pacific College, Clark college and Chicago State University). Mr. Dobbins will also be the first to state his United States Naval training, exposure and travels to various parts of the world in the military has undergirded his entrepreneurial commitment, tenaciousness as well as his steadfastness in each and every undertaking he accepts.