Benefits of Landscaping and Horticulture

Increased Safety

Not only does vegetation make neighborhoods more attractive, it may make them safer!

A study by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign showed that the more vegetation a building had, the fewer crimes – fewer property crimes, fewer violent crimes, and fewer crimes overall. Apartment buildings landscaped with vegetation were clearly less crime-prone than barren ones.

Improvements in Mental Health

University of Washington study found that places that incorporate or are located near nature can help remedy mental fatigue and restore one’s ability to focus on tasks. The result can be better performance in the workplace and classroom.

Additionally, nearby nature provides settings for play and experiential learning activities that promote children’s cognitive, social, and moral development.

Revitalize Inner City Business Districts

  • Shoppers claim they will spend nine to 12 percent more for goods and services in central business districts that have high quality tree canopies.*
  • Shoppers indicate they will travel greater distance and longer time to visit districts with a high-quality tree canopy and spend more time there.*
  • Companies that provide their employees with interactions with nature also benefit. Research conducted by Rachael Kaplan, Ph.D., showed that workers who could view nature from their desks had much better job and life satisfaction and better health.

The University of Washington’s Urban Forestry/Urban Greening Research