Small Space Residential Landscape Design & Installation in Hyde Park, IL

More than anything, your garden and landscape should work for you. Big benefits can come from gardening in a small space. Limited by only your imagination, our team at South Side Roots can create a beautiful, interactive, and lush garden for you, no matter your size restrictions.

Perfect for private residences, nursing and elderly homes, daycares centers, and other small residential and commercial areas in Hyde Park and throughout Chicago, our small space landscape designs will help you get the maximum return on your property investment.

Residential & Small Business Landscape Designs in Chicago

Long-term residents of Hyde Park and other Chicago neighborhoods will likely agree that our urban locales are due for a resurgence. One of the most effective, and often overlooked, ways to help achieve that rebirth is through the horticultural relationship we have with our outdoor spaces—and that relationship starts right at home and in the heart of our small community businesses and organizations.

Beautiful plants, plentiful gardens, and lively landscapes make your space feel inviting, elegant, and enjoyable to be in. When you work with South Side Roots, we’ll begin with a free landscape/horticultural consultation to help you and our team determine what it will take to create that relaxing and attractive space for you and your lifestyle or business needs. Our small space landscape designs are ideal for front yards, side yards, backyards, business district corridors, and other smaller commercial spaces.

Create a Small Space Chicago Landscape that Works for You

Our landscaping services are about minimizing the amount of dead space and bare grass making up your yard and bringing it to life with gorgeous plants and winding pathways. Based on how you plan to use and care for your landscape, we’ll come up with and execute a design that matches your vision.

If you want to change out your plants periodically, we can set you up with beautiful planters. Or, if you’d prefer to grow your own garden, we can make suggestions about what to plant and create a space for you to start from scratch. If you want us to create an entirely finished garden landscape and service it throughout the year for you, we can do that too! Whatever your definition of a miniature oasis is for your small Chicago landscape, we’ll create the green space that turns it into a reality.

To learn more about what our small space residential and commercial landscaping services include, and how we can easily tailor our services to your budget, get in touch with us today. We look forward to working with home and business owners in Chicago and surrounding areas to transform your outdoor space!